Acclaimed Music Producer Tony Mantor’s Why Not Me The World Podcast Launches June 28

Acclaimed Nashville based Music Producer and singer-songwriter Tony Mantor is pleased to announce the June 28th launch of the first episode of his new Autism focused podcast series called Why Not Me The World.
Music Producer, Tony Mantor | Photo: Nathan Mantor

Acclaimed Nashville based Music Producer and singer-songwriter Tony Mantor is pleased to announce the June 28th launch of the first episode of his new Autism focused podcast series called Why Not Me The World. The podcast will feature exclusive interviews between Mantor and a worldly group of celebrities & professionals from the music and entertainment industry, Autism thought leaders & parents, and others from the Autistic community who will share inspiring stories and perspectives. An introductory episode of Why Not Me The World is available now on all major podcast outlets including Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle Podcasts, and all major podcast platforms or at  

Mantor has recently guest interviewed on popular podcasts including showboat TV in the U.K., and Tony Llyod Human stories podcast, to talk about the launch of Why Not Me The World, and what inspired him to produce the podcast. It was also partly inspired by his own self-produced song “Why Not Me” which Mantor released in 2020. The song’s music video racked up over 200,000 views on YouTube since it was released less than a year ago.

Why Not Me The World logo

“The purpose of this podcast is to create a platform for people from around the world to share experiences in their life and the challenges they face or have gone through,” Mantor says. “This is to help others listening that may be facing some of the same challenges in their life, that others around the world have faced those same challenges and continue to live their life, one day at a time. Hopefully this podcast will inspire hope and show they are not alone in this world.”

Why Not Me The World Podcast Episode Schedule: 
June 28 – Tori Clarke / UK based artist and poet
July 12 – Beth Tignor / Mother of Autistic child
July 26 – Paul Cimins / Founder & President, Autism Radio Inc.
Aug 09 – Erin Murphy / TV Actress, Bewitched
Aug 23 – Brei Carter / Singer-Songwriter, Author at Music Is Medicine
Sept 06 – Ali Carbone / Author, What Are You Looking At
Sept 20 -Hope McPheeters / Co-Founder, Autism Support Now
Oct 18 – Tina Lee / Mother, AGT Winner Kodi Lee
Oct 04 – Cannon Moore / Music Producer
Nov 01 – Howard Preistley / Music Director, Phoenix Radio UK

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