Representative K-pop Co-ed Group KARD Releases New Album

DSP Media’s co-ed group KARD, whose members include BM, J.Seph, Somin, and Jiwoo, will release their sixth mini-album titled ICKY on May 23 at 6 pm (KST) through various music streaming sites.
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DSP Media’s co-ed group KARD, whose members include BM, J.Seph, Somin, and Jiwoo, will release their sixth mini-album titled ICKY on May 23 at 6 pm (KST) through various music streaming sites. This comeback comes approximately 11 months after their previous mini-album, Re:, showcasing the group’s confidence and pride in constantly challenging themselves to present unique concepts with each new album.

The title track, ICKY, embodies groovy sounds that amplify KARD’s charm. It features an intense and sensual atmosphere that ignites passionate emotions and sensations between each other. With fresh beats, the members’ vocals have deepened, creating addictive refrains. Member BM participated in the lyrics and composition, while J.Seph contributed to the lyrics, showcasing the group’s enhanced musical capabilities.

The music video, released alongside the album, depicts BM, J.Seph, Somin and Jiwoo wandering through a maze-like space and Jiwoo immersed in a room filled with green liquid. It expresses the desire for inner freedom and a willingness to break apart even when experiencing fear at a dead end, portrayed through dynamic directing. The intentional distortion of everyday spaces adds a creepy atmosphere.

In addition to the album’s title track, ICKY, the album ICKY includes various genres of songs. It features the refreshing tropical Latin sound and the members’ smooth vocals in Without You. Somin and Jiwoo’s unit song, Fxxk You, showcases their attractive Latin pop genre, while Been That Boy is a hip-hop song based on mombahton and trap, performed by BM and J.Seph. The album also includes the song Cake, where all members participated in the lyrics, portraying the passionate attraction between men and women. In total, the album consists of nine tracks, including remix versions collaborated with world-renowned DJs: Without You (Alok Remix) (Radio Edit), Oh NaNa (ASTER Remix) (CD Only), and Ring The Alarm (JERIDE Remix) (CD Only).

ICKY is an album that highlights the members’ solid teamwork as they actively participate in the overall process, led by member BM’s self-composed track. Particularly, KARD plans to showcase the intense and dynamic characteristics of a wildcard through their performance of the title track, ICKY. Just like the word “icky,” which means a sticky feeling, they incorporate fluid movements and precise hand gestures to express their unique and carefree energy. The pre-release ICKY challenge video, revealed through KARD’s official TikTok account, has already surpassed one million views, foreshadowing its hot global popularity.

Meanwhile, KARD will release their sixth mini-album ICKY through various music streaming sites on May 23 at 6 pm (KST).

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