Aperiodic Mosaic of Krokar

Acquaintance with electronic music turned Afanasiev Dmitry’s perception of the world upside down… Introducing an infinite number of halftones into the familiar and orderly picture…

Afanasiev Dmitry was born in 1986 in the city of Rostov-on-Don in the empire of the USSR that does not exist today. Dmitry was born into a military family so childhood began in small military towns in the north of the country saturated with military aesthetics and orderliness

Acquaintance with electronic music turned his perception of the world upside down… Introducing an infinite number of halftones into the familiar and orderly picture…

While studying at the university Dmitry first heard Coil.

Then there was a desire to become a part of the world of electronic music – Having no musical education and no knowledge of musical theory, the first project KumNaUm was created during this period. It was a conscious sound improvisation balancing on the verges of noise and ambient.

In 2007, the album “Network” was released, dedicated to the work of Coil. The album was released in a limited edition of 55 copies, and finally recorded on the day of J Balance’s death. “Network” fulfilled its main task – one of the copies of the album fell into the hands of Peter Christofferson during his performance in Moscow.

Since 2011 Dmitry has been associated with the Krokar Project  –

Afanasiev Dmitry

Continuing the study of reflections of the events of the surrounding world in sound- studying the mixing of sounds and continuing the paradigm of “music as a way and means of understanding the world”- Krokar released his first release “Respiration” on the German label Format Noise.

In 2013 the second release dedicated to the dark theme of maritime accidents “Ourang Medan” was released also on the Format Noise label

This album is an exploration of rhythms and a closer look at the tribes/peoples living in an alternative culture in the modern era, expressed in the affectionate album “Tangata” (which means “people” in the language of the Maori tribe) which was released in 2015 on the Dresden label Phonocake.

In 2019, the album “CO-BA” was released on the German label Raumklangmusic.

Krokar’s music is characterized as an aperiodic (irregular) mosaic – the algorithm will search and everyone will (uniquely) find for themselves.

You need to leave the house – turn on the player and walk through the streets of the city – so that the sounds from the outside mix with what sounds in the headphones – in order to catch with your inner essence the pulsating rhythm flowing from track to track –

Now coming to the fore – then lost on the verge of audible …

The heartbeat of the modern world …

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