A Beautiful Darkwave Song with a Melodic Synth Vibe

Stefan Certic has just released a new single highlighting his broad scope as a composer and multi-instrumentalist.

June 2023 – Stefan Certic has just released a new single highlighting his broad scope as a composer and multi-instrumentalist. The Serbian musician loves to play guitar, and his current axe of choice is a beautiful ESP, which has a distinctive and highly versatile tone. His latest track, “Human,” is a true highlight, showcasing Stefan’s talent as a composer and record producer. The song also features an amazing vocal performance from Steve Sims, who wrote the lyrics. One of the first things fans will notice is the wall of haunting atmospherics and mesmerizing synth melodies.

“Human” combines various influences to create a truly one-of-a-kind sound. With elements of Darkwave, Synth-Pop, and Alternative all coming together, listeners are treated to a musical experience that is both familiar and innovative. On the one hand, the song features brooding, cinematic soundscapes punctuated by bursts of lighthearted melodies. The sparse drums and deep bass lines interlace perfectly with shimmering synth lines or soaring vocal melodies. These moments of light emphasize the darkness surrounding them, making the music all the more powerful. The introduction features a hypnotic synth arpeggio, immediately setting the vocals’ mood. At about 10 seconds in, the beat starts with a sparse percussive pattern that drives the music and adds more intensity.

Eventually, the main synth bass pattern kicks in at around 19 seconds in, adding even more fullness to the mix but without compromising the intimacy of the performance. “Is this the end of the line?” the vocalist wonders before launching into another section that adds some amazing guitars for extra energy, lifting the beautiful chorus. The second verse is mesmerizing and energetic, with lyrics as poetic and immersive as the music. Following the second chorus, the song dives into a bridge section that has a synth solo. The expression of the notes is truly stunning, especially when the pitch bends, adding a very fluid quality to the mix. The second part of the bridge is a mellow moment with piano and vocals, a great way to release some tension and soften the song’s dynamics before eventually launching into the final chorus and making it sound as big as possible. After all, great songwriting is all about peaks and valleys!

The contrast between dark and light, a staple of the darkwave genre, is also evident in the lyrics. The song seemingly explores the inner fragility and the fleeting nature of humane existence. However, the reflective melancholy of the lyrics is tempered by moments of hope and clarity. As the title suggests, “Human” is a very earnest reflection of the human experience and its ups and downs. It acknowledges the pain and darkness that we all experience in life, but it also reminds us that beauty and light can be found. Stefan’s masterfully executed composition and Steve’s poignant songwriting make “Human compelling and emotionally resonant. Clocking in at 3 minutes and 51 seconds, this track ticks all the right boxes, making a perfect song for fans of the genre and beyond. Even the artwork, with its simple yet evocative concept, is absolutely perfect for this track. The visual concept is very in tune with the music, and it really helps the artist establish a specific image in a very direct way.

When not busy making music, Stefan is busy working as a system analyst and entrepreneur. He also considers himself a true ethical hacker who loves to make music in his spare time straight from his office! This song and genre are actually perfectly in tune with his unique creative personality and vibe, giving people an amazing taste of his vision.

This release is a really perfect example of the artist’s creative vision and musical aesthetics, really hitting the mark with a fantastic tone and a really huge-sounding production. If you’re a fan of artists like Depeche Mode, Dead Rituals, DIIV, The Cure, or David Bowie, then “Human” is a song you must check out. With its gripping melodies, textural synth lines, and powerful vocals, this track will surely connect with fans of these legendary artists and beyond. Stefan’s production skills and songwriting ability are apparent in this song. The performance is both personable and edgy, and the overall quality is top-notch. The mix is well-balanced and intricately detailed, resulting in a lively, stark, and edgy sonic experience that won’t disappoint. The track is enriched by the subtle nuances present throughout, which come together to create a truly exceptional piece of music that is both energizing and deeply entrancing. Speaking in terms of mixing and sound engineering, the frequency spectrum is well-balanced, with a tight and deep low end complemented by a smooth top end that enhances the clarity of the sound, while retaining a much-needed organic flow. It can be challenging to achieve this when many synthesizers are used, but Stefan did an excellent job here, creating a very natural flow.

Overall, “Human” is a great introduction to Stefan’s versatility and songwriting sensibilities. With its diverse sound and powerful lyrics, this track perfectly exemplifies what makes Stefan such a talented and unique artist.

Ways to connect With Stefan:

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stefancerticofficial
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/cs_networks

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