Scott Howard: On Music, Inspiration, and the Unseen Realm – An Exclusive Interview

In this exclusive interview with Scott Howard, we dive deep into his journey as a musician and author, exploring the inspiration behind his unique blend of experimentalism and avant-garde creativity.

In this exclusive interview with Scott Howard, we dive deep into his journey as a musician and author, exploring the inspiration behind his unique blend of experimentalism and avant-garde creativity. With a highly successful 2018 album, Ascended Man, and over 12 million streams to his name, Scott has amassed a dedicated following of “Ascended Fans” around the world. In this interview, we discuss his upcoming album, Angel Numbers, his new eBook, A Lightworker’s Journey – The Unseen In-between Kingdom, and the curative effect of his music on the mind and soul. Prepare to be inspired by Scott’s powerful vision and message of hope and healing through his art.

Your music has been described as having a curative effect on the mind and soul. What do you think it is about your music that makes it so powerful and transformative?

My mother told me a story about when I was a newborn, the nurse noticed in the nursery, that I kept pushing myself from the bottom of the bassinet to the top while all the other babies were content to sleep at the bottom.   It got so bad, and had done it so many times…. the skin on the back heel of my foot was scraped away.  Funny, I have not remembered that story until now… hmmm… synchronicity, perhaps? I guess, even then, it seems I have always known the importance of being different and standing out.

When I was seven years old, I had a lucid dream repeatedly for months. One of these dreams involved an amusement park at night, where I found myself driving on a wooden track in old 1958 corvettes. I would drive up to a toll booth, where a 3-4-foot frog would let me through. Then, I would drive down an embankment, where two other frogs would try to catch me. I would run under a pool table to get away from them, and the next thing I would observe was me driving up a ramp into the evening.

It took me 30 years later to be told what happened to me by a Channeler who was told to contact me to do a reading for me, which included bringing 10 spirits from the other side of the veil that needed to bring me a message and a gift. One of these spirits was my son Maxx, who passed away in 2018, and he was placed in charge of bringing the spirits together for this “Knights of the round table” amazing event. I was blessed to have him help me from the other side. The Medium asked me if I had a dream at age 7 that stayed with me after so many years, and I was floored and said yes. I was told that I was “taken” at age 7 to be observed and given upgrades for times in the future when I would be needed and would come to light.  The music written is prophetic in nature, derived from event(s) that have had profound effects on my life…. This music is considered, “An Ancient Genre of New Music from Source in 432 Hz” to the world to help AWAKEN and raise the vibration of those in need of answers, questions, and healing for what might manifest in our future.

I hope the music will resonate with many and will help raise consciousness, heal those in need…. pass it on and share it with others.

You’ve spoken about your experimentalism and avant-garde nature as an artist. How do you balance the desire to push boundaries with the need to create something accessible to your listeners?

I find that artists, as well as scientists and presidents, are synchronically brought into a time in history/reality when their talents, gifts, power, and abilities to push the boundaries are needed to help a reality or event in time where their innate strength is needed to awaken a population that has been inexplicably put to sleep by unforeseeable forces.

In 2017, I experienced an awakening that forced me to step out of my comfort zone and made me feel like I was the protagonist of my own movie!

“Life’s a puzzle…find the pieces that fit with you…in time…one’s mission is matching the pieces, shadows, and hues…

“The treasured soul of man… corrupted by a dark force … things got out of hand,” The maps were changed, and things rearranged.”

People are now seeing things they can’t explain, and they’re getting scared and are going through things that the government is not equipped for. Truth and light are where music comes in. We can help illuminate possible truths, give opinions, and awaken people to the potential of what’s to come. When the storm is over, we can heal and help wipe away the tears from the veil of forgetfulness and darkness to light. It’s time for music to find its soul and awaken.

Your upcoming album, Angel Numbers in 432 Hz, promises to be your best work yet. Can you tell us about a specific moment or experience that inspired one of the songs on the album?

As an artist, my upcoming album Angel Numbers in 432 Hz is inspired by a profound event that happened in 2017 when I met Arch Angel Michael (I know… that’s what I said…lol).  That year, I experienced an awakening that disrupted my reality and made me question everything…like I went to OZ!!

I purchased a Nikon P900 camera and began taking photos of the world around me. The magnification was incredible, and I started capturing images like ships miles away and stars and planets like Saturn and Jupiter and their moons, then I began picking up images, I should not have been able to see… etheric beings, giants, and entities in the sky, cloud beings. It was getting crazy! Thank God FOR THE CAMERA.  You can find these photos in my upcoming eBook, A Lightworkers Journey: The Unseen-In-between Kingdom.

One night, I photographed on my balcony during a moonless night, and suddenly, a fog appeared in the photo. I adjusted the filter to get a better image and saw a woman wearing a crown with an ethereal glow around her. After that, the skies above my home became full of strange clouds that were too angular and had something inside them.

Then, they came…. while watching TV with my wife, clear, see-through, beings emerged from both sides of the screen.  The smaller ones wore robes and grabbed my blankets to let me know they were real, and the larger ones looked on. My wife couldn’t see them, which taught me that we are all “receivers” but at different frequencies. The woman came through the walls and was about nine feet tall. It was a remarkable experience.

Then the horror occurred, it was a night in August 2018 (the exact year to the day from meeting Michael) while taking photos of the night sky with my iPhone, the screen split in half, and a cloud on the right side of the screen started bowing up and down. I heard a voice saying, “Pray! Pray! Pray!” I thought to myself, “Maxx.” I dropped the phone and fell to the floor…and prayed. “SAVE MY SON, MAXX! PLEASE!” I knew…. But told no one…until later that night, I got a call that my son had passed away. Michael knew…. and I guess, maybe I knew… All these experiences have inspired me to create the songs for my album and the title track for the album, Angel Numbers in 432 Hz.

You’ve described your music as drawing inspiration from the celestial beyond. How do you reconcile this otherworldly inspiration with the realities of everyday life?


Everyday life has become otherworldly…

“We have forgotten who we are…Angels of Light, from afar…READ THE SIGNPOST OF DISASTER AHEAD …TRY MANIFESTING MIRACLES INSTEAD…”

Every day is a miracle in this holographic reality, we call “The Earthly Realm”, a thousand or a few hundred years ago, SPIRIT was the most important aspect of our lives… in addition, the technology that was hidden was far advanced from what we have here today. The Tartarian Empire which was run by the ENERGY OF THE ETHER powered the buildings and were built to heal us, buildings that were churches were used as healing hospitals powered by healing frequencies.   The transportation systems, were amazing, as were the automobiles for larger beings which were not run by petroleum.  You see, I choose to see the world in 5D, which is where we are going. If you live in this reality, it will manifest… so imagine… as John Lennon sang… “Imagine all the people… living life in peace… you may say, I’m a dreamer…but, I’m not the only one…”.  By the way, John is one of my guardians, he came to me many years ago in a reading with Nichola Tesla.   The story is in my eBook… in the group channeling by the Spirit World and he made me an honorary member!  I wonder if I am owned so back royalties?! LOL. 

In addition to your music, you’ve also written an eBook exploring the paranormal world. How has this exploration of the unseen realm influenced your music and artistic vision?

As an artist, my exploration of the paranormal world through taking photos for the past 5-6 years has given me a unique advantage. I found strange things happen when I use electronics, they either do NOT work or they work too well…. The digital and analog images that develop help me view the unseen world to write about them in the music from Source in 432 Hz.  The 300-page eBook, A Lightworker’s Journey: The Unseen In-between Kingdom, delves into the Awakening Event in 2017, my son’s death a year later, and my childhood memories, dreams, and paranormal experiences, all backed up with unexplainable photos of alternative realities.

Through the exploration into this alternative timeline, I, as well as many others, have noticed a change in our families, and other loved ones… and feeling like they had no one to turn to for answers to their observations of this new reality. This has influenced my artistic vision and inspired this gift from SOURCE in 432 Hz, a genre that I consider to be both ancient and new. In today’s world, nothing is normal anymore, have you looked in Washington DC lately??!! Talk about Science Fiction/Bizzaro World becoming fact!

Lastly, you have a dedicated following of “Ascended Fans” around the world. What message do you hope your music conveys to your fans, and how do you hope it inspires them to live their lives?

I prefer that my fans don’t see themselves as “Ascended Fans,” but rather “Awakened Friends.” We are all part of a holographic matrix learning game, where our thoughts create our reality. It’s important to think selflessly and envision a world where everyone is happy, but not lazy. I dream of performing on Ganymede and within our hollow moon for all races, worlds, and dimensional beings of the universe and multi-verse (I claim it, so it will occur). The album, Ascended Man features lyrics from the song, “Source”:

“From hopeless moment…shine the light…we are Love…we are many…starships and angels shine the light…we are everywhere…we are SOURCE!”

Watch for the new song/music video off of my Angel Numbers in 432 Hz album. I believe this is a new book of which the songs are but chapters in the book.

 A “We Are Forever” chapter.

This song/chapter – encourages us to imagine a heavenly world to manifest. Remember, we are all just soul fractals in a body suit.  There is only ONE SOUL…. just one… we are just a small piece of the one true soul of SOURCE… there are none above Source…. but many below…. vying for your soul….so don’t sell yourself short! Be light!

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